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Virtual reality theater for Video on demand

Introducing a comfortable, social & high fidelity 3D movie theater to watch premium movies in VR

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Jumanji : Bienvenue dans le jungle

Last 3D screening

April, 25 2018
9 PM — live

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High quality
VR theater

We designed a realistic 3D movie theater optimised for mobile VR with high quality textures & various lightings effects
Watch inside

  1. Optimised 3D

  2. Quality textures

  3. Lighting effects

User experience

Immersive & social user experience

  • Movies are social by design. You can invite up to 8 friends to watch videos simultaneously, with conversations & emojis!

  • Spatialized sound

    Audio tracks are played in a 360° environnement to high quality immersive experience. You can also discuss with friends.

  • Friends & reactions

    Invite your friends & watch videos together with audio conversation & fun interactions.

  • Dynamic lightings

    We built optimased dynamic lighting that reflect bright & colors in the room.

HD movies, local videos, 360 & more

Watch premium HD movies, 3D movies, TV Shows, local videos. Our dynamic streaming video player play videos from various sources & use DRM to secure premium movies.

3D movies & 360 videos

Our player already support 3D videos (stereo HSBS) & 360 videos.

Just have a look!

What's coming next

  1. January 2018

    Official release

    The app is available on Oculus Home + Steam!

  2. Spring 2018

    Oculus Go

    Oculus Go support will be available as soon as we get our hands on this device.

  3. Late 2018

    PlayStation VR

    Last but not least, we are in talks with Sony to get PS VR headset and hoping to release our app on the PS Network before the end of the year.

Stay tuned
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