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SteamVR Oculus Vive

Your movie theater at home

Enjoy a movie screening in virtual reality from your sofa: alone, with friends in your own private movie theater or with a worldwide audience at daily public screenings.

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Movies actually playing

Attend to a public movie screening with an audience to watch 4 new movies every week from Wednesday.

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Every evening at 9:00 pm

More screenings during week-end

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Blockbusters like in a cinema

Explore a wide library of 2D/3D movies on demand with many categories.

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[DE] Isle of the Dead, Arnold Böcklin
[DE] Intimacies, Vallotton
[FR] Intimacies, Vallotton
[IT] Intimacies, Vallotton
[IT] Intimacies, Vallotton
Nous n'irons plus en haut
La nuit, Hodler
I Gotta Look Good for the Apocalypse
9th Floor to the right
3D - Full HD
All Cats are Pinks in the Dark
Ring after Midnight
Intimacies, Vallotton
+ de 60 films
[FR] Isle of the Dead, Arnold Böcklin
Leonardo Da Vinci The Universal man
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
[FR] Condemned to play
Le bucheron, Hodler
Le phénomène de Raynaud
Isle of the Dead, Arnold Böcklin
[FR] Leonardo Da Vinci The Universal man
And why Not?
Condemned to play
[IT] Isle of the Dead, Arnold Böcklin
Mobius Zone
Audio spatialisé
Nefta Football Club
An ice cream ! Smile ! Les blockbusters comme au cinéma

7 theaters
7 atmospheres

Jump into an immersive theater to fit with your movie to enhance the screening experience.

Movie Theater

Movie Theater



Beach in the moonlight!

Beach in the moonlight!

Drive-in, back in the 60s!

Drive-in, back in the 60s!

Scary haunted house

Scary haunted house

Spaceship in the galaxy!

Spaceship in the galaxy!

Antic Theater

Antic Theater

A social and interactive experience



Hangout in the lobby and meet movie fans.

Public movie screenings

Public movie screenings

Every evening, attend to public screenings with a worldwide audience to share your emotions.



Create your own Party to hangout with friends to watch movies and videos together. Activate your micro to chat and share emojis.

Une expérience interactive et sociale ! Une expérience interactive et sociale !


Public screening

Every week, 4 movies in 2D and 3D on theater every evening at 9:00 pm.

+100 movies on demand

Explore a wide library of more than 100 movies in 2D and 3D. Choose the best content, either new or classical, amongst various genres.

Take the control

You have 48h to watch as many times as you want the movie on demand once it is rent. Movies are mostly available in several languages and with subtitles.

Astonishing image rendering

All movies available within CINEVR are encoded in 1080p with a very high bitrate to offer the best image rendering in VR.

Spatial audio

Whatever the number of audio channels, all our environments provide 360° spatial audio.

Social and cross-platforms

Set-up your own private or public Party to watch videos with friends or a worldwide audience, whatever your VR headset (Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift et HTC Vive).

Wide range of formats supported

Our player is compliant with multiple audio and video codecs (HD, Full HD and 4K) and image formats (2D, 3D-Side by Side, 3D-TopBottom, 180°, 360°).

Local videos

Watch your local videos from your computer or local networks (SMB). Audio tracks and subtitles are automatically detected by our player.

Thematic scenes

Enhance your experience with our thematic scenes to fit the best with your content: Movie theater, Giant screen theater, Beach in the moonlight!, Scary haunted house, Drive-in, back in the 60s!, Spaceship in the galaxy!, Antic theater.

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Test our demo on mobiles

If you haven’t a VR headset, download our demo on smartphones.

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