Ep 2: Alain Robert, The spider man

2015 - Documentary (26m) from William Japhet

With Alain Robert...

53 years old. Alain climbs buildings since 1994 even after several accidents including a 14 meter fall. In 2011, Alain climbed the Burj Kalifa in Dubaï, the highest skyscraper in the world (828 meters). Super Power: he is the only one practicing urban climbing, in free-solo (without a rope) Alain takes Arnaud on top of the Verdon Canyon, the first he had climbed in ‘free-solo’. Then, as homage to the Nepal victims, Alain climbs once again the Montparnasse Tower in Paris. Stunned, Arnaud attempts to understand what motivates this man to go higher and higher despite the danger.



Ep 2: Alain Robert, The spider man

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