Ep 4: Kilian Jornet, The crest master

2015 - Documentary (26m) from Nicolas Thomä

With Kilian Jornet...

28 years old. With several gold medals in alpine ski under his belt, 6th time champion of skyrunning, Kilian is considered as one of the best mountain runners to date. Super Powers: his ability to estimate the essentials, enabling him to dominate the height and distance of the tallest mountains in the world, all while running ‘ultra-light’. It’s in Tromsö, above the Arctic Circle, where Arnaud finds Kilian to discover his motivation. What is it that pushes this man to his physical limits? Arnaud attempts to follow Kilian in his daily rhythm but this Super Hero is the only one to finish climbing the last crest towards the summit, amidst a spectacular landscape.



Ep 4: Kilian Jornet, The crest master

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